Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Painted Pumpkins

These days carving pumpkins is so last decade. What to do then? Paint them! I for one did not want the painted pumpkin train to leave the station without me, so I hopped on. Below are some of my creations. 

Coffee table vignette with painted pumpkins

I started with a batch of small pumpkins,

and used acrylic paint to give them a coat of white.

Since I had the bright blue left over from the chair project, I decided to use it.

Besides the turquoise and white, I used gold and silver acrylics.

Everything was painted on freehand, I guess I am just too lazy to make and stick on patterns.

The little imperfections just add to the charm of the small gourds.

 It was a fun and fast project. If you decide to try it yourself, don't be afraid of using whatever leftover colors you have at home. Pumpkins can come in many colors.

I am happy with how this endeavor turned out.  Since I am definitely not a pumpkin carver, painting these was not only fun, but a great alternative to traditional pumpkin decorating!

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