Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kate Middleton and Her Lovely Herend China

The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) has many things a girl can only dream of: royal husband, palaces to live in, killer wardrobe, romantic vacations with said husband.  The list goes on and on. She seems like a lovely lady with a great sense of style. 

Being competely content with my life I would not trade places with her. This being said, she does have a possession that I covet.  It is a Herend porcelain dining set, official gift of  Hungary to her and her husband Prince William for their wedding.  

I recently visited an exhibit of Herend china in Balatonfured, and this exquisite new pattern caught my eye. Taking a closer look, the sign said it was a redesign of the old Victoria motif, which was first created for (you guessed it) William's  great-great-great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria. This new pattern is much larger than the Victoria pattern, and the dominating color is a lovely light lavender. It is called Royal Garden and I absolutely have to have it! Below are some pictures I took of the set. Isn't it gorgeous?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Choices, Choices... But This Many? - Isles of Bounty

Whenever I visit Hungary (that is every summer), going to a large supermarket is always an experience.  We think we have large stores in the United States (hello Costco), well, we have nothing on little Hungary (and other European nations: I have been to similar sized food meccas in France or Italy too).  

Though the size of these establishments are impressive already, they still can compare to some of our U.S. giants (Wal-Mart, anyone?). What simply blows my mind is the coices of food that Hungarian supermarkets carry.  Whereas in my local Safeway, or Whole Foods Market in  Kailua, Hawaii, there may be five different brands of  sour cream to chose from, Auchan in Budaors, Hungary, has an entire isle of it. I can't even guess the number of brands.  It would take me three hours just to look at each.
The sour cream isle. Crazy, isn't it?