Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Flowers...

... bring November showers? Could be, as the closer we get to the end of the year the closer we are to the rainy season. 

However, it is only the beginning of October, and my garden is in full bloom.
Allamanda, or golden trumpet flower is creeping down around the phoenix 
palm. The blue thing in the top left corner is our trampoline.

The bright yellow flowers shine in the sun. 

Our lovely bird of paradise is blooming continuously,

and of course there is always an abundance of red ginger.

My little plumeria tree is also full of fragrant white flowers.

Nothing prettier than a plumeria...

...though the flowering bougainvillea in the front yard is also a strong 
contender. Wait, is that  a juice can on the lawn? Ah, those rotten kids!

We swim every day in our little tropical cove.

The monstera has grown over the large rocks at the end of the pool and now hangs
over the water. This makes it hard for the kids to climb the rocks that side.

As a result, everyone seems determined to cut it back, except me. I just love 
the way it adds to the jungle feeling in the back yard. So for now, the monstera 
stays, because guess who is head gardener (weeder, planter) in our family?

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