Thursday, October 24, 2013

Herend for Little Prince George

A while back I blogged about the beautiful Herend dining set the Duchess of Cambridge has (here). The lovely duchess Kate has many fans, making that post one of the most popular on the blog. Now it looks like her son, Prince George also got his own Herend gifts. The manufactory has come out with new collection of baby gifts to celebrate the birth of the little prince.  The pattern is the same as Prince William and Duchess Catherine's Royal Garden wedding gift set, this case being a reinterpretation of the Petite Victoria motif.

Good news for fans of Herend and/or Prince George, the limited edition pieces are available for the public to buy. I saw some of them at the Herend flagship store a couple of months ago. Since it is a limited edition, you may want to hurry if you want to own one of these historic pieces. :-) 

Seeing the photos of the baby prince's christening made me think of this set, to share it with you. Very pretty, aren't they? That tooth box is just darling. Makes me want to wish I had a newborn, too. Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but in any case, the set is adorable.

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