Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A "Presidential" Home on Kailua Beach

A few weeks ago I visited this property right on Kailua Beach. It is not your average home. For starters, the price comes in just under a cool $12 million, at $11,888,000. What do you get for that kind of cash? Let's see: almost 12,00 square feet of living space, 13 bedrooms all with baths, plus 2 half baths. If you are looking for something cozy, this is NOT your house. 

With this many bedrooms and such a size, I can better imagine this property as a corporate retreat. In fact, it looks more like a hotel than a house. Impressive? Definitely. Beautiful? Yes. Homey? Not really. 

The living room windows look out to beautiful Kailua Beach
with the Mokulua islands of Lanikai in the distance.

Having been rented by various celebrities, the property's main claim to fame is that (back when he was a mere US Senator) President Barack Obama and his family spent a Christmas here. That was a few years ago, since then he has switched over to another property at the end of Kailua Beach.

The prez slept here... imagine waking up to that view.

Politicians and celebrities like things big... (maybe to match their egos?) 

... in any case this master suite is huge!

The master suite overlooks the beach, of course. The other 12 bedroom suites (every celebrity worth a dime needs a large posse to travel with) are located on the long side of the house. The home is very well decorated, so despite its size it does feel nice. 

I especially liked a set of old Hawaii poster prints on the wall of the long hallway.

As a true vacation paradise, lounging options abound.

View from the "presidential suite" aka master bedroom of the pool and the additional bedrooms. The Koolau Mountains can be seen in the distance. The main living areas and kitchen are located below the master suite.

What do you think? If you had $12 million would this be your dream home? It is move-in ready... 

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