Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Painted Pumpkins

When we visited the pumpkin patch a while back, I picked up some larger pumpkins. Having hand-painted my first batch of purchases (which were small) blue, white, silver and gold, I decided to spray-paint these new large ones. Two of them got a shiny silver coat of paint, and one got a glossy white. The largest we left orange, to be carved right before Halloween. If we do the carving too early, the pumpkins tend to rot in the Hawaii heat.

Here is the larger silver pumpkin, grouped with some of the small ones I painted earlier. We also put cobwebs around the living and dining rooms. They blow in the breeze. The metal tree was a Pier One purchase a few years back.

The smaller silver pumpkin got some blue swirls which I added with a sharpie.  I am just about done painting pumpkins for this year. Time to work on Halloween costumes!

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