Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Falling into Autumn - Hawaiian Style

The weather outside is frightful  I mean glorious. Oh, the crisp fall air, the falling leaves - who am I kidding. The temperature outside is 84 degrees (that's 29 C for my metric system educated readers) and our pool is a balmy 81 F (27 C). But it is officially October now, and Halloween is looking at the end of the month. Time for a little "autumnification" of our home.

You see, when all one wants to do is lie by the pool by day and fire up the barbecue come dinnertime, going full speed into hanging spider webs is just not the way to go. So I started our fall transformation with just a few small changes, easing us into the coming season.

Bought some lovely organic apples at Whole Foods in Kailua, and lined them up on the ledge above the stove. Ta-da! Fall decoration? Check! Ok, ok, I am not really done. But it is a first step in the process.

Here is a photo of my back yard. Does not feel like fall, does it? The flowers are in full bloom, after all. I will post some more garden pictures in the coming days.

Until then, I hope wherever you are reading this, you have some lovely autumn sunshine greeting you every day.

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