Friday, April 20, 2012

Whole Foods Kailua

We had to wait for what seems like an eternity (though it was only about four years), but finally Whole Foods Market Kailua has opened its doors.  I could not help myself and visited the first day. There were extreme crowds, of course, yet I managed to spend a happy half-hour shopping and emerged $120 poorer.  The second day they were open (yesterday), somehow I found myself there again, this time accompanying a friend.  We ordered a sandwich to share for lunch and while we were waiting I took these pictures.  There was again quite the crowd so I mostly tried to shoot over people's heads.  

The store is beautiful with lots of local touches.  Many Hawaii products too, and nice produce, though I think I will keep visiting the neighboring Thursday night market for that.



Next time you are in Kailua, make sure you stop by Whole Foods Market.  It is definitely worth a trip!

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