Friday, April 6, 2012

Three Lovelies of Lanikai - Part 2.

As promised, here are the pictures of the second place we saw yesterday. This house was built in 1935, and immaculately restored by the owner who is also an architect.  I took quite a few photos of this property, because not only did it have many interesting architectural details, it was also beautifully staged. I wish realtors would spend more time in and thought in staging homes.  It really makes a difference.

 Gecko bell greets visitors at the gate

 A large Bird of Paradise plant by the steps leading up to the house

 Boulders in the hillside are incorporated to the landscape

 An aloe plant at the upstairs entry

 Lauhala mat and a settee on the porch

 The upstairs living room

 Master bedroom

 The kitchen is a happy green

 Island touches in art and decorations

 A tiny hidden powder room with open latticework

 I just want to sit down at that table. Don't you?

 Ocean views from the upstairs deck

 Love the simplicity of the outdoor shower

 Peekaboo views of the neighbor's garden

 The relaxing downstairs porch

 Outdoor pizza oven and a lounge chair

 Downstairs kitchen opens to the yard

 Pale clean colors in this small kitchen 

 Downstairs living and bedroom

 Old vent grates are now part of the central air conditioning system

 Blooming bromeliads flank the downstairs entry

 A lantern guards the stairs

Debbie at the gate

Got a little carried away here and posted quite a lot of pictures, but  this place was just so charming. For $1.5 million, it can be yours.  Click the link to Debbie's site if you are interested.  

Tomorrow I will post about the third house, probably my favorite of the three.  The views there were to die for.  Until then, aloha!

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