Monday, April 23, 2012


Last week I visited a wonderful place in Waimanalo. The property itself will be the topic of a later blog entry, but today I wanted to show you about some of the great doors I saw there.

Few things can be as intriguing as a closed door, or as inviting as an open one. Most doors look drab and dull, when they could be colorful, ornate and exciting. Would you rather open a boring off-white door or one of the beauties below?  

Copper ornamentation 

Ornately carved Balinese door

Bamboo panelled

If Juliet had lived in Bali, her balcony would have looked like this.

Massive door made from rich tropical wood

A door to nowhere - proving that doors can have a purely decorative purpose. 

How many hours must have taken to carve this beauty?
Old Moroccan door - Image from Pinterest
The view through my own front door.
Image by Lilikoi Photography.  

Do you have a favorite door? Do you prefer the friendliness of an open door or the mystery of a closed one?  As always, I welcome your thoughts! Aloha!

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