Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Roof Over Deck - Part 2: The Construction

Last time I posted pictures of our old trellis roof and its demolition.  The story continues with photos of the new roof being built. 

The structure is almost done.

The large square openings are for the skylights.

With the structure completed, the roof is covered with plywood.

Space for the four skylights. 

Looking down onto the deck though a skylight hole.


and the top of the roof is all done!

Now it is time to create the ceiling.

The skylights are made to special order. Until they are 
done, the openings are covered with plywood.

Here you can see how the new roof ties into the existing house. 
We put new can lights over the outdoor storage area.

When the building phase was done, we cleaned 
the deck thoroughly...

...waited a day to have it dry completely...

...and then restained it. The kids were great help!

Here is the refinished deck.

With the deck done it was time to bring the furniture back. 
Next up, I will post the photos of our new space.


  1. A new roof with skylights made your deck look polished and new. Just make sure that your skylights were installed properly or it might leak and cause damage to your deck. All in all, it was a good job, Zsuzsa!

  2. Thank you Josie for your kind comment. We do love the new deck. It is a great spot to relax, dine or entertain.