Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Roof Over Deck- Part 3: The Completed Project

With the roof done, and the deck refinished, it was time to bring back the furniture and plants. Now it is a lovely outdoor living-dining room and even a passing shower does not matter any more!

The sitting area. The green trellis fencing is temporary
 protection to keep our puppy from digging.

Looking over the Tahitian gardenia by the front door onto the sitting area.

My plants are back on their shelf

The teak daybed is from Bali. I had the cover custom made.

Hand-carved detail of the daybed, with a ceramic
 turtle holding a citronella candle peeking out.

The mirror is in an antique frame that held a painting before.

The new skylights bathe the space in light.

We picked a fan with large leaf-like blades.

Looking towards the front garden from the picnic table. 
The door on the left leads to the garage.

The new roof provides protection but still lets in plenty of light.
We added can lights for nighttime illumination.

As with all homes, there are still more projects left to complete, but for now we are very happy with how this one turned out! 


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  2. Your series on fixing your roof we really interesting. Glad you finally pushed through with your renovation as the new place looks much more inviting. I'm thinking of putting a skylight on our veranda as well.

    Ernestine Wollard @ WestFallRoofing

  3. Glad to hear that your roof was finally repaired. By the way, it was also a good idea to install skylights. They make your deck a lot more pleasing and relaxing. Don't you agree?

    -Joann Winton @ AJCRoofing

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  5. Those skylights are fantastic! You wouldn't expect that this deck is covered since there is adequate sunlight that bathes the space. Great job on your roofing project, guys! I'm sure your next housing renovations will be a success. How are you now? :)

    Tamara Stanley @ RhinoRoofingABQ