Monday, May 20, 2013

Raising the Roof - Part 1: The Old "Roof" and the Demolition

This spring we finally got to tackle a project that has been on "the list" for a few years now. You know that unwritten list of things that have to get done, but lack of time and/or funding just keeps pushing it back.

Well, this project is not getting delayed any more. In fact, it is completed! But first, let's look at what it looked like before:

Below are the photos of the old roof, designed and created many years ago by the men in my family. It had served some of its purpose well (shade over deck) and lacked others (shelter from rain).

It worked well for many years, but by now it was definitely time for it to go!

You can see in the right bottom corner that our day bed had to be covered with plastic, so as not to get rained on. The situation was ripe for a change.

This old temporary roof was also very low, and made the area feel closed in. Not to mention the fact that it had no chance withstanding a hurricane! Now we have been lucky here in Hawaii not to have had a hurricane since 1992, but that does not mean one should not be prepared.

First phase in any construction is the demolition,
and I was not sad to see the old trellis roof go.

Half gone...

Almost gone...

Completely gone! 

Wow, the area really looks different without it! 

This was back in January, and soon we had the professional and friendly people of Schatz Construction arrive and start building the new structure. But that story is for another day.
Do you have a recently completed project? Or planning on starting one soon? Let me know. Aloha!

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