Monday, May 6, 2013

Renovating the Budapest Apartment: More Fall Progress

Continuing the story of our place in the beautiful Buda hills, here are more pictures of the apartment slowly taking shape. The original apartment was very dark and we reoriented the whole place towards the garden, to let the light in. The garden is so lovely and the place is much brighter than it was before. If you look at the pictures of my first post, taken after demolition, you can tell the difference in the amount of natural light. 

The walls are now painted and the terrace outside is built. 
(I thought I had a photo of that too, but right now I can't find it).

Looking into the kitchen from the living room. The pipe on 
the left is the plumbing for the the sink.

The interior door to the hallway is in. This picture must be from the 
winter already, because the wood floors are also installed here. 
I will post more floor photos in the winter progress segment.

The sliding doors separating the living area from the bedroom 
are also in place.

This is the bedroom window. The sliding doors on the picture above
 would be on the left, but here they are not installed yet. The wall 
on the left side is the bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom, here is the tile being installed. This picture 
does not show the colors well.  The floor is the same mosaic tile 
as the wall. The brown stuff is cardboard.

Once all the walls were finished, we (actually my parents) had to keep heating and airing the empty space so everything can dry out before the wood floor is installed. Floor pictures are coming in the next installment: winter progress. Thanks for reading! Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Aloha!

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