Monday, November 3, 2014

Amsterdam in the Summer

Dear Readers,  
Summer is just a distant memory now, but here in Hawaii the weather is still plenty hot. Kinda like it was in Amsterdam in the middle of July when I was over there. No, I take it back. It is actually warmer here in Hawaii (and it is already November!) than the Netherlands was in July. We had warm but lovely weather in Amsterdam and spent our four days exploring the city mostly on foot. Below are some of the photos taken during my wanderings.

 Check out the clear blue skies above the picturesque buildings
I am attracted to doors. 

And lights. And lights by doors.

Bikes abound

Boats are another major means of transportation

Cheese! One of the joys of life.

We were told each week several cars end up in the canals, as well as countless bicycles.

Famous Dutch tulip bulbs at the flower market

Though they are not just strictly about tulips.

This last photo was taken in Delft, a city about an hour away from Amsterdam, famous for its blue and white porcelain. We went on a day trip to this picturesque town.

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