Monday, November 17, 2014

Antique Blue Toile Wallpaper

In July my friend Dora and I spent four days in the Netherlands, more specifically, in Amsterdam. One of the sights we visited was the Museum Van Loon. A private residence built in 1672, the former town home is now a museum. The name Van Loon comes from the prominent merchant family who called the house home from 1884 and who were the founders of the museum. 

This blue toile wallpaper is original to one of the rooms, the blue drawing room. It is a stunningly intricate design of plants, birds and monkeys.  

Blue and white are of course the colors of the famous Delft china, which is made not far from Amsterdam in the charming town of Delft. This wallpaper is reminiscent of Delft pottery in an intricate exotic way. It is a good example of the title of this blog: another small but beautiful thing I happened to come across, and wanted to share. 

You can find more information about the Van Loon Museum here.

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