Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Color for the First Time

As enjoyable as it is to live surrounded by the warm topical breezes of Hawaii, looking at pictures of fall colors always makes me long for the crisp air and colorful foliage of temperate climates this time of year. It grew up with four seasons, and sometimes wish my kids got to experience the wonder of nature changing throughout the year.

This year my youngest child (age ten) and I took off for a week and visited the Pacific Northwest. We went in search of fall color to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC. Dominic has never seen leaves change, and was very much looking forward to the experience.

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest did not disappoint. Lots of color, fallen leaves to jump in and throw in the air, crisp air and long walks. We had a wonderful, relaxing week.

In Seattle we visited the Japanese Garden at the arboretum. Most of these pictures were taken there. 

The last three are photos I took while driving/walking around Vancouver. Such lovely colors!

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