Saturday, October 4, 2014

Paholei Street House: The Construction

Aloha Readers,  in my last post I showed you some pictures of what this home in Kaneohe looked like before the remodeling work started. Today I am sharing photos of the cinderella transformation that the property received in just a few months.

 The family room (formerly covered lanai) got some windows and drywall, as well as a sliding glass door to the outside.

 Looking into the family room from the living room/kitchen. The house was completely rewired and new plumbing was also installed.

On the outside, a lovely shade of green was applied and the building got a brand new roof.

The unpainted area on the right side is the new addition: a larger master bedroom and a brand new master bath.

Landscaping was also installed, both alongside the home and on the hillside above.

We picked this khaki color for an accent wall in the living room. All other walls were painted white.

The front bathroom got a new tub/shower with subway tiles.

The newly added master bath has the same tiles in the walk-in shower.

The floor tiles were hand cut into smaller pieces for the shower area.

Here is the drywalled and area that is to be the kitchen: all plumbing and 
electrical are in place. Next up: installing the cabinetry.

Here you can see the lower cabinets are in already, but still no granite counters.

Finally, the almost-finished kitchen. The hardwood floors are in, so are the granite counters, fixtures and upper cabinets.

The home is really taking shape now, isn't it? Next time I will share the pictures of the finished project. Stay tuned!

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