Thursday, March 29, 2012

Island Style Homes

Another beautiful day in Hawaii, and lucky me got to spend the morning checking out real estate around Kailua, the town I live in.  Kailua is a small town on the Windward side of the island of Oahu, about twenty minutes from Honolulu. A beach community with mostly single family homes, Kailua is beautiful, quiet and friendly. 

My friend Debbie is a realtor, and some Thursdays I tag along with her to check out island homes for sale. Below are photos of two of the homes for sale we visited this morning. 

The first house is a casually elegant three bedroom, close to Kailua Beach Park.

 Plants at the entrance (croton, song of india and some sort of a lily).

The large terrace above the garage has views of the mountains and the beach. The plants along the railing are pineapples.

 I wonder if the pineapple in the kitchen is from one of the plants out on the terrace. 

Nice built-in between the kitchen and living room.

The master suite is peaceful and light.

Terra cotta fish hanging by the entrance.

Monstera and river rocks in the side yard.

The second house is in the upscale neighborhood of Lanikai. Although it is lovely island style home, it is definitely not a bargain: the asking price is $3.25 million.  Even if you aren't able to afford such luxury, it is nice to look at.

 Ti plants by the entrance.

 A long hallway connects the garage to the kitchen.

 Fans in every room keep the house cool.

The gourmet kitchen has a walk-in pantry and wine room.

What tropical paradise would be complete without a pool and spa?

 Open rafters in the great room. Love the warm woods everywhere.

Shells on the dining table.

The great room from another angle. There is a wet bar by the dining area.

 The master bedroom has a huge Balinese mirror.

Warm woods and light fabrics spell island style.

The master bath is like a serene spa.

Loved the copper sinks on granite counters.

Whoever ends up with this property is a lucky person indeed! If you liked these homes, and want to see them for yourself, write me a comment, and I can get you in touch with Debbie. :-) Aloha!


  1. Yes Zsuzsa, you captured my typical day!

  2. Fabulous, sign me up!

  3. Hey..! the ideas are great.. ISLAND homes are an awesome thing where one can stay for the whole life easily and by enjoying the weather. I must appreciate the selection of flooring material and the color matching decoration according to it. i liked the dining area the most and also the decoration of dining area.. That wooden floor adds an extra specific look to the hall....Awesome work..Keep it up..:)