Monday, March 26, 2012

Equestrian Chic

It is no secret that I love horses.  They are wonderful intelligent animals and as a reader this blog you will periodically encounter entries about all things equestrian. 

Today I wanted to write about equestrian decor.  While I do not advise to deck your entire house out in equine finery, a well placed picture or tack item can add to the character of a home. 

My daughter competes in horse shows and already has quite a collection of ribbons.  Here is a cute idea how to display them without sacrificing style:

The stacked helmets are a nice touch, too.

With equestrian decor, the first name everyone thinks is of course, Ralph Lauren. The picture below is from a past edition of Elle Decor.

We don't quite have silver trophies (yet!) but it is never too early to plan ahead...

Here is a nice solution of what to do with that old saddle collecting dust in the back of the tack room:

I suppose if it looks like rain it will just have to be hauled inside...

Hanging oil paintings of horses or hunt scenes works well with this look.

An impromptu bar on a tray. Great horse art, too.

source unknown
This kitchen has some saddle stools. How cool is that?

from Pinterest

Interestingly, of the many pieces of art at our home, we do not have any of horses (daughter's horse posters do not count). I may have to invest in such a painting in the future.

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