Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas At Our Home: Part 3

In warm, sunny Hawaii it can be difficult for a person raised in cold wintery Europe to create that special Christmas feeling she grew up with. No snow, no ice, just sunshine and warm breezes. Lovely, yes. Christmasy? Not really. 

So I do what I can to make the house sparkle, and evoke the magical Christmas atmosphere we all long to have.  Here are some of the details, small and larger, around our house that make a Hawaiian Christmas.

When it is lush and green outside, bring winter in 
with lots of white, silver and sparkle. 

Tropical woods mix with Christmas greenery.

Felt acorns and gold leaves adorn the metal tree 
on top of the dining room table.

Rosemary wreaths hang from the 
backs of the dining chairs

A golden pinecone hangs from a ceiling fan.

White sea coral and white pillar candles 
in front of the window.

A shot of the coffee table from above: candles rest on top of 
some catalogues; a driftwood votive holder holds tea lights

My 15-year-old son helped make this candle holder,
by drilling holes onto a piece of driftwood

Votives are lit on top of the bar cart

A letter to Santa filled with puzzles awaits the big guy
in our dining room, courtesy of my 8-year-old son.

The kitchen cabinets are also dressed up 
with small wreaths and bows.

Just picked up these ornament lights at Pier 1.

A nutcracker guards cards and sachets of 
lavender to be given away to friends.

Candles, glass, driftwood, coral, silver, greenery
and pinecones make up this tableau.

Clear glass balls hang from a piece of driftwood 
in front of the window.

Another nutcracker stands guard under the clock.

Cotton balls on fishing line create the illusion of snow. The puppies 
had a field day with this, so I had to trim them really short.

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