Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All-Dessert Party!

Are you a dessert enthusiast? If you said yes, it is not surprising - most people are. Take my friend Melanie for example: she not only excels at consuming desserts, but is also a talented baker. In fact, she spends her birthday month baking a different delicacy almost every night. Luckily for her, none of the calorie laden sweetness seem to affect her figure.  

As for yours truly, to say I am not a baker is an understatement. My attempts at birthday cake baking when my kids were little were pathetic at best, and as a result, we now buy professionally made confections for birthday festivities.  As much as I enjoy cooking, there is something about desserts that I am just not cut out for.

But this is a post about Melanie so I better get back to it.  As her birthday approached (this was a few months ago, but hey, better late then never when it comes to reporting on it) I wanted to throw her a party that reflected her love for desserts. a small group of friends were invited for an afternoon affair outside in the garden.  It was an all ladies event, because it somehow seemed right for a party with only sweets and champagne.

In the invitation the attendees (except for the birthday girl of course) were asked to bring a dessert.  I set a table out on the lawn and arranged all the sweets and the champagne glasses on it.  We sat under the tree, wiped champagne and sampled all the delicacies.  It was  a fun afternoon!

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