Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Help Me Pick Out Wall Mural for Budapest Apartment

About a year an a half ago I wrote a series about the remodeling of our small apartment in Budapest (you can find the before here and the after here). However, even though the apartment is practically done, a few finishing touches remain. There is a wall in the bedroom where I have been thinking of putting a mural. 

The wall I am talking about is the far wall that is opposite the bedroom window, not the one the bed is against. Another future project will be a headboard for the bed and that will take care of that wall.

Below is another view of the blank wall between the built-in closet and the bed. The wall begs for some adornment. After pondering the dilemma for a while, I decided to do a picture mural.  You may shake your head and think "Picture murals are so 1970s". Well, too bad. Everything old is new again and even if it makes me unfashionable I am set on putting a picture mural up on that large blank wall.

And this is where I am asking for your input. I found a web site that turns photographs into murals.  It is an awesome site with probably millions of photos to choose from. My idea is to use an architectural photo of a Budapest landmark, preferable in black and white, or very little color. Below are some of the images I found. Which one should I put on the wall?

These seven photos are all great candidates.  Which one is your favorite? If you click on the links below each  photo, it will take you to the mural web site where you can see the picture on a wall of a room. The wall is almost a perfect square: 2.4 meters wide and 2.38 meters tall. Thanks for your help!

Which mural would look best on the wall of the apartment?

Liberty Bridge
Parliament Building detail
Fishermen's Bastion
Foggy Budapest
Castle Hill stairs
Parliament Building
Royal Palace
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  1. Please select Parliament Building detail. Your taste.

  2. The stairs look awesome in the small it a massive look!