Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Evening With The Makk Family in Kailua

Last week I was invited to a lovely soiree combining art with architecture. The home, where the event took place, and which I have written about before (you can see it here) is a sprawling Kailua beach estate, and the art displayed within is by the Makk family. 

The Makks: Americo, Eva, their son A.B. and his wife Sylvia are a family of wonderfully talented artists living in Honolulu. If The Sound of Music had been about painters and not singers, it could have starred the Makk family. They are not only a very gifted bunch, but just like the von Trapps, have had interesting and adventurous lives bringing them to Hawaii a few decades ago.  (OK, so the von Trapps had to escape nazis. Americo escaped communist Hungary to meet and fall in love with his future wife, the gorgeous Eva - where else, but in the Eternal City, Rome. Tell me this is not the most romantic love story ... )

Born in four different countries on four different continents, all four artists of the Makk family are of Hungarian descent. Despite their international upbringing, they all speak perfect Hungarian, and take their heritage very seriously, not only in their lives but also in their art. Quite a few of of their paintings feature themes from Hungarian history, and they have graciously donated a series of these to the Republic of Hungary.

However, the art featured at this beautiful estate is different entirely. It is mostly Hawaii themed, perfectly fitting the surroundings.  Walking around the 10,000 square foot home there are some fifty pieces of Makk art, all blending seamlessly with and in the meantime enhancing the grand yet relaxing atmosphere of the place.  

On the photo above is the master bedroom, with a vibrant painting by A. B. Makk.

The evening featured guided tours around the estate, with the artists talking about the  different pieces, offering anecdotes, inspirations, background stories. There is art everywhere in this home, in the rooms, hallways, even in the bathrooms. 

Besides the art regularly on display at the home, the Makks brought some other pieces
 just for viewing that evening. Propped up against the couch is a landscape by A.B. Makk.

In a hallway nook is the portrait of a little girl playing on the beach by Eva Makk . 

Besides the beautiful art and estate, there was wine and food, and good conversation of course.  All in all it was a lovely evening.

A.B. and Sylvia Makk stand before a large painting by  Americo.

If you would like to learn more about this talented family of artists and check out their extensive portfolio of art, please visit their website, Makk Studios, by clicking here.

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