Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Staging Jessica's House

This was a project we did a couple of weeks ago.  My friend Jessica had moved from Hawaii a year and a half ago, and now they decided to put their house on the market.  Debbie asked me to help stage it for the photo shoot.  

It is a lovely island home in perfect condition which made my job a lot easier.  The trick was to get rid of most of the furniture the tenants had in the house.  So we did some moving, arranging and editing, and here are the results.

The kitchen just needed decluttering, and I added a bowl of green and yellow apples for a bit of color.

We did some major furniture moving in the living room and ended with this bright and airy arrangement.

The area off the kitchen got a mini makeover including a lovely blooming bromeliad.

The front bathroom just needed a few accessories.

The terrace was another area where we did some rearranging/editing.  
Looks great doesn't it?

The lovely landscaped garden adds to the appeal of the home.

The house looks so good that it has already found a new owner.  And while I miss our friends, it was good to have been able to help with this project. 

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  1. It was very sweet of you to help your friend sell her house. She surely appreciated it, because putting up a house in the market can be daunting. A mistake can reflect on the whole outcome of the sale. Anyhow, the house looks lovely, and you stage it very well. Plus it’s in good condition. No wonder it was sold immediately!

    Verna Andrews @ RE/MAX