Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Florence and the Machine in Albuquerque

My lack of posting lately was due to yet another trip, this time to New Mexico, celebrating a friend's birthday. I am back now, however, and ready to tell you about my NM adventures.  First up, here are some pictures I took at the Florence and the Machine show in Albuquerque.

We had VIP access, and special armbands to be able to get up close to the stage, which was nice. The concert was great, Florence Welch is an amazing performer. She does not need special effects, revealing wardrobe, and troupes of dancers to put on a spectacular show. Her voice, her stage presence and the great songs do that without having to resort to additional gimmicks.

 They were on tour with a young band called the Macabees, who opened for them.  I thought the Macabees were quite good, plus they were cute, which never hurts if you want a career in entertainment. Did take a couple of photos of them too, but with all the great Florence shots, they really had no chance of making it in the blog this time around. 

As for Florence, she flitted across, jumped in the air and danced the whole length of the stage. For performances, in her own words, she dresses " The Lady of Shalott meets Ophelia...mixed with scary gothic bat lady"*. Whatever her inspirations, she looked ethereal and energetic at the same time. Sprite would be a good word to describe it, if not for her height.    

The concert was about 90 minutes long, plus a couple of encores. Albuquerque was the last stop on their US tour.  I can only hope next time they make it to Honolulu. Florence, if you read this, please come sing to us in Hawaii!

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