Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy, Beautiful Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a relatively new city. Though the area has already been inhabited thirty-five thousand years ago, it was never densely populated, until it became a British colony in 1842. Originally confined to Hong Kong Island, in 1860 the colony was extended to the Kowloon Peninsula, and then in 1898 the New Territories were added. In 1997, after the 99-year lease on the New Territories expired, the entire area reverted back to Chinese sovereignty, and it is now a Special Administrative Region.

Lots of construction is an indicator of a lively economy, and Hong Kong is indeed a booming city.  There are new buildings going up everywhere. The beauty of these modern skyscrapers is evident in not only in how architecturally interesting and polished they are, but also how well they complement the landscape. Hong Kong is a city of hills, and these gorgeous new buildings seem to grow organically out of the hillside.

The Bank of China Tower in the Admiralty area of the city.

Clean, modern, and almost utopistic, like one of the 
Star Trek sets. Except this is real. (Lantau Island)

Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.

Daytime view from Victoria Peak.

Old and new coexist on the water. Luxury yachts anchor 
near old fishing vessels. (Aberdeen Harbour)

This old temple is dedicated to Tin Hau, the goddess of seafarers. It is one
 of the oldest in HK. The spiral hanging things are huge incense sticks.

A busy street in an older part of town. There really are
a LOT of people in Hong Kong. 8 million to be precise.

A modern apartment building. Note the open area in the
middle. Feng Shui rules are applied to construction.

A stall at the Jade Market.

The bird market. Cats and dogs in the city are rare, space is 
simply too tight in HK. People have birds and fish as pets. 

Colorful banners and signs advertise businesses and products.

This building, still under construction, reminded
me of the Waikiki Landmark in Hawaii.

The metro is cheap, fast, modern, and impeccably clean.

 Hong Kong is famous for great shopping. The Mong Kok area 
in Kowloon is one of the most popular shopping destinations.

A truly amazing city, Hong Kong it is changing at a rapid pace.  I do hope I get to visit it again.

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