Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chowning's Tavern - Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is an impeccably restored historical town in Virginia.  It served as Virginia's capital in the years both preceding and proceeding the Revolutionary War (1699-1780). Today, it is a tourist destination where people young and old can learn about colonial times, talk to guides and craftsmen in period costumes, and of course spend money on everything from souvenirs to dinner. 

After a long day of touring the town, you can reserve a table at one of the historic restaurants.  We chose Chowning's Tavern for our dinner, and had a lovely colonial meal in a beautifully furnished period restaurant with even some musical entertainment.

Just like everyone else in Colonial Williamsburg, the staff at Chowning's Tavern wore period clothing.  The tavern itself is nicely furnished with not only old furniture, but linens, cookware and 18-century reproduction mugs, plates and utensils.

My husband chose the tavern's own specialty ale, Old Stitch, which was a very dark ale and reminded me of coffee.

Not being a beer drinker, I ordered a Rum Shrub, which is a mixed drink of light and dark rums, orange, pineapple and cherry juices.  It was a nice but forgettable cocktail.

For dinner, the kids had hamburgers (good to know even 18th century eateries cater to today's kids).

 The burgers came with chips.  My kids would have preferred fries, but they liked the hamburger. The kids' meal also featured a drink.

 My husband ordered the Dish of Pork, grilled pork rib-eye with a port wine sauce, and slow cooked barbecued pork ribs. It was a huge helping and he was pleased with the taste.

I had the Captain's Feature of the Day, which was mahi mahi with a lemon butter sauce, grilled shrimp vegetables and roasted rosemary potatoes. The fish was nice and moist, though I would have liked more of the butter lemon sauce.  The shrimp was great! 

During our dinner, a man came in playing a period version of the guitar, and singing. He was very good, sang three or four songs. All in all, we had a pleasant dinner. Service was good, the prices not too high, the food filling and tasty.  If you crave a little 18th century ambiance, grubs and entertainment, make sure you check out Chowning's Tavern.

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