Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Garden

After the March 9 hail storm (first ever in Kailua, HI), I was sad to see my plants shredded.  Thinking it would take months to undo the damage of a few minutes of ice, I was prepared for the long recovery ahead.

My garden proved me wrong and came back to life with a force.  The pictures below were taken a month after the storm, in the middle of April. While the ti plants will need a longer time to recover, most other plants show little or no sign of the damage today. 

The black ornamental taro has completely regrown

The bromeliads were under cover, so they sustained no damage

Ginger and areca palms in the hedge are also rebounding nicely

Ornamental taro (Colocasia)

Stone crops

My succulents were also protected

The large mossy planter is from Bali

An air plant (Tillandsia) sitting on a piece of driftwood

These pictures are all of my front yard.  Next time I will post some photos of the back. Do you have a weather-related garden disaster story? Drop me a line! 

All pictures are taken by my talented photographer friend, Andi Lilikoi Gaspar. Copyright Lilikoi Photograpy.

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