Monday, February 24, 2014

A Lamp Project

It started with a large piece of driftwood I found on the beach.  After taking it home I watched it resting in the garden for a few months until one day the idea came to me to turn it into a floor lamp. 

Our newly finished deck area needed a reading light by the daybed, and having searched the internet and local stores as to what is available nothing really caught my fancy. It you can't find something you like, why not make it? Coming to this conclusion,  I turned to the abandoned piece of driftwood in my yard.

Though I can be quite handy at making some things, there are many examples where asking for help is the right way to go. And ask I did, going directly to my 16-year-old son and explaining him how I needed a base for the long piece of driftwood. Within half an hour, he fabricated the base you see above. The driftwood fit in nicely.

Next up I cut off a piece of wire and twisted the two ends around the two tops of the forked driftwood.

The horizontal wire was now in place to hold the light fixture.

The cord was a purchase from I cut another piece of wire and twisted it into a spiral shape to create a wire cage for the bulb.

The bulb also came from amazon, it was quite pricey (as far as light bulbs go) but has such a lovely glow and interesting industrial look to it.

I used fine wire to secure the cord to the horizontal wire on the driftwood. Ta-da! My floor lamp was done. It was a quick project, and cost under $20.00. What do you think?

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