Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inspiration for Budapest Apartment

One of the projects I am busy with these days is remodeling a small apartment in an old villa in the hills of Budapest, Hungary.  The apartment connects to the garden, and we are opening it up to bring in as much natural light as possible.  The project started in July, with walls being knocked down and moved,  water being relocated and windows relocated. 

Now that the apartment starts taking shape, it is time to consider decorating. I am thinking of furnishing the it in the Gustavian style, with lots of white-on white tones, mixing antiques with modern pieces. Here are some pictures I collected on my Pinterest board "Inspiration for Budapest Apartment".

Mirrors and white walls reflect the light in this room.

Shades of white and gold create layers in this living room.

I love the graceful lines of these chairs. 

More lovely Swedish inspiration. Robin 
egg blue curtains are a nice touch.

Dining area with built in seating. 

Thinking of creating a built-in daybed under the
 window in the bedroom.

You may be curious, and rightly so, how I can oversee a big remodel while I live on the opposite side of the world.  Although I was there this summer, since having left in July I have only seen pictures of the work done in the apartment. However, I am very lucky to have some expert help on the ground in Budapest.  Working with the talented architect Anna Felcsuti is a real pleasure. We send pictures, links, renderings back and forth and talk on Skype about things like faucets, shelves or wall paneling.

Next time, I will post some kitchen photos that have inspired Anna and I to dream up the apartment's kitchen. Of course, once everything is built, pictures of the actual place will follow. You will have to wait until spring/summer 2013 for that, though.

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